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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Chugcore & This Is Hate Presents: Bring The Mosh Vol. 5 (Winter 2014) [Compilation]

Album: Bring The Mosh Vol. 5 [Compilation]
Released: Dec. 31, 2014
Genre: Deathcore, Down-Tempo, Beatdown, Groove
Hardcore, Nu-Metalcore, Death Metal, Slam
Facebook: Chugcore | This Is Hate

 # Band Name Song Name Location
01 Failure 4242Orange, NSW, Australia
02 Misleaders PoisonNew England, USA
03 Far From Nothing Crooked TeethAbilene, TX
04Withering K-Word YourselfSherbrooke, QC, Canada
05Voices DerelictCorpus Christi, TX
06 Existence Has Failed Human Eradication (feat. Dan Watson of Enterprise Earth)West Palm Beach, FL
07 Defilement BirthrightHampshire, UK
08 Bodysnatcher RotMelbourne, FL
09Borderlines Void of WantNew Jersey, USA
10 Goliath Inside My Mind (feat. Johnny Plague of Winds of Plague)Los Angeles, CA
11 Purge No SalvationWoodland Hills, CA
12 Regions Decadence (feat. Kyle Medina of Bodysnatcher)Charlotte, NC
13 Shivers Hollow WorldMoscow, Russia
14 Words from Aztecs ReinforcementsLas Vegas, NV
15 Outlaw BellaChicago, IL
16 Beyond the Aftermath Geno Breaker (feat. Matt Gagnon of Villiska)Northern Virginia, USA
17 Suspect DispositionOrlando, FL
18 Briarcliff RogueAdelaide, South Australia
19Repulser Violence is the AnswerBay Area, CA
20 The Dialectic Follow Me into HellTyler, TX
21 Acranius Unit 731Germany
22 Pathos Departure Homeless Face BuffetConneaut, OH
23 Damager ContaminatedBerlin, Germany
24 Honest Crooks VenomAustralia
25 Left Behind HostageCharleston, WV
26 Blackwell Bastard (feat. Cameron Grabowski of These Streets)San Rafael, CA
27 Vilis Death || Mortem (feat. Colin Sharkey)Baltimore, MD
28 Widow SlimeHouston, TX
29 Introvert Accepting RejectionScranton, PA / Detroit, MI
30 Restrains Spineless (feat. Eric Glass of Verbera)Vladivostok, Russia
31 Improvidence Born WellPittsburgh, PA
32 Advocate The Vermin Illustration (feat. Michael Williams of The Agony Scene)Tulsa, OK
33 Witness GravedanceRoanoke, VA
34 Azurah IndifferenceDallas, TX
35 Complacency ImperialismPhoenix, AZ
36 Disclaimer RotPhiladelphia, PA
37 Hater Navel StringItaly / Tyler, TX
38 Immoralist NailsRichmond, VA
39 Dalloway The Counterculture (feat. Stephanie Marlow)Adelaide, South Australia
40 Falsifer 86London, ON, Canada

After a hack sent us miles back in terms of
 progression of our site, Chugcore has come
 back stronger than ever before, determined
 to make a difference in the music
 community by doing right for the bands
 time and time again. We are bringing you
 our 5th and final Bring The Mosh
 compilation of 2014 ending with a BANG
with what we believe may be one of our
 best tracklists ever completed. This winter
 end of the year special is packed with many
 Chugcore favorites as well as a bunch of 
new tracks from the past 2 months that
 you may have missed. 

This one is extra heavy, including the
 heaviest Down-Tempo, Beatdown, Deathcore,
 Slam, Hardcore and Groove metal styles.
 Please enjoy and share the music. We can't
thank all of our fans enough for the
 continued support and the bands who
 helped spread the word of our return.
 We couldn't have done it without you,
 and Chugcore will continue helping the
 music scene because of your support. We
 all love what we do with a passion and aim 
to make a difference in the community,
 we will stand strong and Chugcore will
 never stop being the place that brings
you the music you love.

Bandcamp (Preview/Support)
Download (Full Compilation):
Part One   Part Two

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