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Monday, 16 March 2015

ENTER - Uprooted EP (2014)

Album: Uprooted EP
Released: Dec. 10, 2014
Genre: Hardcore, Deathcore
Location: Summerville, SC

1. 61
2. Anna's House
3. Elipses
4. I Will
5. No Respect

Support (Bandcamp)

These are some personal friends of mine,
that have worked their asses off on this EP.
This is their first official release and i'm so proud of them.
I was there to watch them grow and make this splendid EP.
Please give this a listen, they are just beginning their musical career.
But they are worth your time, i promise. 


  1. The band is okay. The production is okay, except that the guitars are super flat sounding and not mixed well. The vocals are garbage in my opinion. If you have to layer over vocals like that to make them sound decent then don't even do that. But hey i'm just a critic. I give them props but in my opinion this ep could have been way better. the only thing that sounds solid is the drums, but the kicks could've been lowered in volume a tad. But all in all, this ep is a solid 2/5.