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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Vilis - Self-Titled EP (2015)

Album: Self-Titled EP
Released: Jan. 16, 2015
Genre: Hardcore, Deathcore
Location: Baltimore, MD

1. Untitled
2. Pestilence || Pestilentia
3. War || Fuit
4. Famine || Et Fame
5. Death || Mortem (Feat. Colin Sharkey Ex-Barrier)
6. Devil || Diablous

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I'm honestly speechless as to how amazingly constructed this phenomenal conceptual EP is. It will leave you in a daze, as if you're reading a story. The constant clash and forth energy that this band produces is insane. This deserves a 10/10. FFO: Barrier, Sworn In, Animal

*Exclusive Premiere*

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