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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

EXCLUSIVE: DEADWORLD - Self-Titled EP (2015)

Album: Self-Titled EP
Released: March 7, 2015
Genre: Blackened Down-Tempo, Deathcore, Death Metal
Location: Elizabeth, NJ

2. Extremist 
3. Astaroth
4. The Black Swan Event (Feat. Bryan Martinez of Grimus)

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Hello my fiends and demented acquaintances.
Today is a very special day for us.
We have the pleasure of releasing to you.
One of the most captivating and malevolent EP's of 2015.
DEADWORLD, does not and will not cause anything less
than a complete breach of your sanity while you listen
and condemn yourself in this wild and trivial record.
Be prepared, it's short, sweet and extremely dangerous.
Offers a completely new take on Down-Tempo.
Go. Now. Immerse yourself in tragedy.
"the black swan event is upon us"

*Exclusive Premiere*

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