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Saturday, 18 April 2015

EXCLUSIVE: xKINGx - The Gathering [2015]

Album: The Gathering
Released: April 17, 2015
Genre: Deathcore, Down-Tempo, Beatdown
Location: Canoga Park, CA

"Let hell ensue. For what's to come, you will not be alive by the "Conclusion."
. . .

1. Lifeless
2. Feign [Feat. Devin Sockwell of Feign]
3. Deliver Us From Evil [Feat. Julian Kersey of Aegaeon]
4. Flesh Wounds [Feat. Nick Arthur of Molotov Solution]
5. Deceiver [Feat. Anthony Alexander of REX]
6. Dead Remission [Feat. Davis Rider of Immoralist]
7. Contaminated [Feat. Denis Shalnykh of Shivers]
8. Reckoning [Feat. Kyle Medina of Bodysnatcher]
9. Deranged Diagnosis [Feat. Mitch Howie of The Dialectic]
10. The Collector [Feat. Adam Warren of Oceano]
11. Genocide [Feat. Aiden Versteegh of Falsifier]
12. Foul Cleansing [Feat. Jamie Hanks of I Declare War]
13. Conclusion [Feat. Dickie Allen, Dustin Mitchell of Filth and Justin Wilson of Invoker]

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. . .
Friends, Family, Lowlives, Brethren.
I have bestowed upon you right now; an invitation to one of the most
illustrious and prestigious musical masterpieces in full stereo and bloom.
 - Welcome to "The Gathering." -
And be warned, before you start this journey into the caverns of hell for a mid-eternity;
Do tell your loved ones goodbye before leaving, do bid your farewell's.
Because you will not come back as the same person, no.
You won't come back at all in fact, to be quite blunt.
. . .
A combination of the most devastating and demonically wretched voices,
as one force in a 13-Track Musical Oblivion is few words to describe this work of art.
It is the literal definition of mastery in ways of the genre Deathcore.
Each piece lengthening from 3 to 4 minutes of macabre and disgust,
Each guest honored to be a part of this, put their heart and hollow soul into it.
There is no possible or comprehensible way to not suffer but also enjoy this record.
The culmination of 13 blood-thirsty leaders ready to strike you down at any moment.
That being said, it's not a story. That's the exact chain of events that occurs.
You have read this long enough, enter the room, sit down.
Join "The Gathering" and witness true malevolence in it's own chaotic and hateful form.
. . .
Next Victim Please
. . .

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