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Saturday, 22 August 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Swallowed Alive - Reprisal EP (2015)

Album: Reprisal
Released: May 22, 2015
Genre: Deathcore, Down-Tempo
Location: Ohio Valley, PA

1. The Haunting
2. Step By Step
3. Nycto
4. A Mother's Love
5. Seven Seals
6. Coup De Grace
7. The Trial
8. Pallbearer

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Long-awaited and as devastating as ever on it's debut.
Swallowed Alive's brand new EP "Reprisal" is certainly a force to be reckoned with.
8 monumentally rabid songs slashing through your ear drums, in a bloody whirlwind.
Of which you do not remember what the word "heavy" means because you just died.
It has a very nostalgic feel as well for those who value bands like,
Despised Icon, KillWhitneyDead, and Murder Death Kill.

*Exclusive Premiere*

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