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Monday, 6 July 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Desolate - Ruiners EP (2015)

Album: Ruiners
Released: June 28, 2015
Genre: Nu Metalcore, Groove, Down-Tempo
Location: Corning, NY

1. Ruiners
2. Gein
3. Manson (ft. Eavesdropper)
4. JWG
5. [Redacted]
6. Dahmer
7. Victims

Support (Bandcamp)
Review (New Transcendence)

Inspired by the greatest and most fearsome killers, this Corning quartet have created something more diabolical than Dahmer, and with an appetite more boorish than Bundy’s.
Ladies and gentlemen, hide your children. Lock your doors. Desolate are here.
Ruiners is a ruthless, cutthroat, cold-blooded release that would turn Mother Theresa into a mass murderer.
And it’s here. Now.

*Exclusive Premiere*

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