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Sunday, 4 October 2015

EXCLUSIVE: IRRITA - Self-Titled EP (2015)

Album: Self-Titled EP
Released: Sep. 28, 2015
Genre: Deathcore, Down-Tempo
Location: New Jersey

1. Null
2. Malign
3. Degenerate
4. Pernicious
5. Abjection
6. Void

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Following the tale of a man at his wits end, chasing death like a heroin addict chasing his next high, IRRITA's debut EP is one of the grittiest and dirtiest Downtempo Deathcore releases this year.
Eerie leads, catchy grooves and breakdowns heavier than an elephant orgy, this is one spectacle of brutality you don't wanna miss.

*Exclusive Premiere*

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