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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

CHUGCORE EXCLUSIVE: Sustenance - Neutral Until Provoked EP (2016)

Album: Neutral Until Provoked EP
Released: Jun. 15, 2016
Genre: Heavy Metalcore, Hardcore, Groove
Location: Kennesaw, GA

1. Virulent (ft. Eric Green of A Legacy Unwritten)
2. Leech
3. Burn (ft. Cody Roberson of Hounds)
4. Heavy Arms
5. Deathstrike
6. Wasteland (ft. Travis Tabron of Varials)
7. Provoked

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According to musicians NUP is not only a music but, conceptionally, a study of transgressions and mankind. And also marks a significant era of change in Sustenance. This is the first release featuring new drummer/back-up vocalist, David.
So without further ado, after much anticipation, we are very excited to finally bring you Neutral Until Provoked.
FFO: Immoralist, Bodysnatcher, Varials

*Exclusive Premiere* 

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