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Monday, 22 August 2016

Strike Each Other - Sentence (2016)

Album: Sentence
Released: Jul. 30, 2016
Genre: Hardcore, Beatdown
Location: Ternopil, Ukraine

1. Introduction
2. Clenched Teeth
3. Enemy Mind (feat. Flo of Circle Of Death)
4. Stand Your Ground
5. Chains (feat. AK of Fallbrawl)
6. Interlude
7. Surrounded By Pain (feat. Vincent of Fat A*s)
8. 1933
9. The Stench Of Death
10. Outro

Support (Bandcamp)

Let me present you this fighter coming from the heart of Ukraine. In this album you have everything you need in a Beatdown Hardcore release. Lots of tasty beatdowns as well as some feats provided by well-known bands in the scene. So grab this monster, while it's fresh!!

*The release date shown in the description is not official date of album release, it's just a day when the album appeared on Bandcamp.
**Official release coming soon at Spook Records (Poland)

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